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Maximum Comfort

Caring for your best friend

Constructed to the highest standards, cavity walls and individual heating for each dog kennel ensures maximum comfort during your best friend’s stay with us. Each boarding kennel has a sliding hatch to its own covered exercise run so residents can come and go as they wish.

Dogs also have access to large grass exercise paddocks for lead-free exercise. Unlike other dog boarding kennels, we do not charge extra for individual diets or for heating.

Holiday Kennels

Fully Enclosed Exercise Paddocks

Hour Care

All Amenities

Every Dog Kennel Includes

Separately Heated Dog Kennels

Each boarding kennel is kept warm with it’s own heat lamp, and our modern kennel blocks with cavity wall insulation ensure all dogs in our care enjoy maximum comfort during their stay


Individual Exercise Run

All dogs have access from their boarding kennel to their own individual exercise run throughout the day. We always encourage boarders to get as much exercise as possible whilst with us



We stock a wide range of quality, branded dry and wet foods for dogs in our care, including James Wellbeloved, Skinners, and Pedigree Chum. Grain-free diets are also catered for upon request



Our dog boarding kennels have been built with strict hygiene rules in mind. Combined with a regular cleaning routine throughout the day, we are able to maintain high levels of cleanliness

5 Star Rating

Licenced by East Hampshire District Council

All boarding kennels and catteries must hold an Animal Boarding Establishment licence which is granted by their local council and renewed each year upon inspection to make sure that the animals in their care are kept in suitable accommodation, provided with adequete food, drink and bedding, regularly exercised, safeguarded in an emergency, and protected from infectious disease (which includes providing isolation facilities). 

Muirburn are proud to have been awarded a 5 star rating from
East Hampshire District Council

5 stars
Dog Kennel Boarding Per Day

Off-Peak Pricing

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8TH JANUARY 2020 – 27TH MARCH 2020

17TH OCTOBER 2020 – 18TH DECEMBER 2020
Dog Kennel Boarding Per Day

Peak Pricing

All Prices include VAT

28TH MARCH 2020 – 16TH OCTOBER 2020

 19TH DECEMBER 2020 – 8TH JANUARY 2021

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