Boarding Conditions
  • Fees are payable by the day, or any part thereof. All charges must be paid in full at the time of collection. No animal will be released until payment has been made.
  • There are no discounts for early collection.
  • No animal will be accepted for boarding, unless in good health and the customer warrants that to the best of his knowledge and belief the animal, on entry to the kennels, is in good health and not suffering from, or carrying any infectious disease and has not been in contact with any such disease within the last 30 days. A current vaccination certificate must be produced on arrival.
  • In the event of such a boarder becoming ill, a vet will be called to the kennels where necessary. If treatment or surgery is recommended, every effort will be made to contact the customer to obtain consent but in the case where contact cannot be made, the customer agrees to accept the decision of the vet selected by the kennels.
  • All fees to be paid by the pet owners.
  • Animals may only be collected during business hours.
  • Customers will be refused admittance at all other times. Notwithstanding acceptance of a booking the right is reserved to refuse admission to any animal which, in the opinion of the proprietors, is of a ferocious nature or otherwise unsuitable for boarding.
  • All reasonable care will be taken of boarders, but animals are nonetheless boarded entirely at the owners’ risk.
  • Muirburn accepts no liability in the event of loss of bedding or personal belongings.