So… we’re not sure if anyone noticed but we gave the Muirburn name and logo and a bit of a makeover! In the process we also gave the website a long overdue revamp!

After what we’ve all been through in 2020, it’s great to start 2021 with a some positive news!

So what have we done?

We started by taking a look at our name. It may seem obvious, but we still had people asking if we bred dogs because we were a kennels… so we decided to remove the word “kennels” from our name and explain what we do in a simple tagline. As Muirburn provides boarding for dogs and cats whilst their owners are on holiday, and many of our residents have a holiday of their our own whilst in our care we realised we provide “Holiday Boarding”. So we decided upon “Holiday Boarding for Dogs & Cats”. Simple and to the point!

Next, our logo. One part of this was obvious – we were not touching the distinctive dog and cat drawing. This began it’s life back in the early 90’s for Sue’s dog grooming business and was designed by Peter’s brother. When we took over Muirburn, the cat was added to the logo to represent the cattery. So the only other element we wanted to change was the colour. For a number of years now, we’ve used cream as the main colour in our logo, but it never stood out on the website. After testing many different colours, we decided upon the teal that you now see… and to complement it we added a dash of purple here and there!

So that’s our new branding. We hope you like it!